These conditions apply unless the buyer explicitly and in writing provisions are agreed, for all with the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K closed contracts. Any deviatings from these conditions of delivery and payment of the seller commits the company Alb Solar Sh.PK only if they have been expressly agreed in writing. The remaining provision of these terms and conditions and any other contractual conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.

All offers in catalogs, advertisements and other advertising media are always subject to change. Orders and commissions will be only accepted if they are confirmed by the company Alb solar Sh.P.K. in writing. Agreements diverting from the offer need to be confirmed be Alb solar in writing. Verbal agreements are invalid.

In order confirmations specified delivery dates are binding if they are expressly designated as binding delivery times. Circumstances which make the production or delivery of sold goods impossible or excessively, as all acts of God, governmental actions, stoppages, strikes at suppliers of the company Alb solar SH.P.K. release for a period of disability or their aftermath, or their aftermath from its delivery obligation. To a subsequent delivery of the amounts attributable to this period the company Alb Solar assumes no obligation. Events of the type entitle the company Alb solar Sh.P.K. withdraws without liability for compensation of contract.

If the purchaser / buyer / customer not or only partially assistance incumbent on him not mandatory, then a binding guaranteed delivery time is extended, but at least to the extent of time in which the customer did not meet its obligation to cooperate.

If the customer has his duty to cooperate is not sufficient or insufficient, it will also contribute to additional costs and damages caused thereby. This also applies to defective, faulty or delayed material provided.

Partial deliveries are permitted. From the delay of partial deliveries, the customer does not derive in respect of other subsets. Defective part deliveries do not entitle the purchaser to reject remaining part deliveries or to cancel the contract.

Are no complaints carried out during the acceptance or does the customer fail acceptance, than the goods are considered as delivered as stipulated in the agreement /offer, the have left the factory or the warehouse of an importers or the intermediary.


The danger for the destruction or deterioration of goods ordered shall pass to the notice of readiness, but not later than when submitting to the dispatch. This applies even if the company Alb Solar SH.P.K carries out the transport or organizes it.

Weights and Measures in the offer and order confirmations are only approximate, if they are not expressly guaranteed.

The Purchaser shall give written notice of the latest within one week after receipt of the goods at destination by registered letter. Hidden defects must be reprimanded immediately after discovery with a registered letter. The same applies for wrong deliveries.

The company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. reserves the right to examine the defects on the spot or have them check. The purchaser is obliged to keep goods available that he objected to this purpose. If the buyer does not make it possible for Alb Solar Sh.P.K. to verify any claimed defect, he loses his warranty claims.

The purchaser has to claim and ensure shipping damage with the transporter directly under his own name. When defects have been proven the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K., at its option, can eliminate the defects free of charge or pay for returning the defective goods free of charge or to credit the proceeds. Further warranty claims are excluded. Price deductions are not permitted.

The company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. makes no warranty that the goods supplied are suitable for the purposes envisaged by the buyer. She also rejects compensation from any damage which would arise in connection with the processing of delivered goods.

Denies the company Alb solar Sh.P.K. unjustified the repair or replacement or she gets it in default, the purchaser may request a reasonable extension and after fruitless expiry exclusively rescission. Further claims are excluded. Warranty may be after the expiration of six months from the date of delivery to be no longer asserted. Time of delivery is the date of dispatch by the Company Alb Solar Sh.P.K or one of its agents.

The warranty for not by the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. delivered goods is excluded. The warranty for goods supplied by the company Alb Sh.P.K. but installed by third parties is not subject to the guarantee.

The shipment of goods is usually by cash in advance. Invoices shall, unless otherwise agreed, to be paid within 14 days of receipt. The purchaser is in default without warning, if it is not later than 2 Working day after delivery paid in full. The use of cash discounts granted assumes that there are no older payment obligations. Unauthorized deducted discount amounts will be reclaimed from the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K.

Until full payment of the purchase price as well as to the payment of all past and future deliveries of goods within the business relationship including all ancillary claims (if paid by check or draft to the check or draft resolution) the delivered goods remain property of Alb Solar Sh.P.K. The purchaser is not entitled to go to pledge the goods to third parties or by way of security. If the purchaser is processing or transforming them, is the company Alb solar Sh.PK as a producer within the meaning of § 950 BGB and acquire the ownership of the hiss or final products. The buyer in this case is merely the custodian. He is entitled to sell the goods manufactured or produced from it in the context of his business. The claims arising from the resale or any other legal grounds against all third party claims he assigns to the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. to their security from, and also where the goods have been processed.

As long as the customer meets its payment obligations to the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. in a proper manner, it is authorized to collect these claims on their behalf. The company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. is entitled to make the request on their designating buyers (Third) of the passage and to give instructions.

The customer has to notify the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. immediately of any third party access to the goods delivered under retention of title or assigned claims. The ownership of the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. also applies to the shipper, whom the goods are handed over by of the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. or the customer.

The goods subject to retention must be handled carefully and insure them against fire and water damage and breakage. In cases of damage resulting insurance claims have to be sealed over to the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K.

If the retention of title by the existing security exceeds the secured claims by 25%, the company Alb solar Sh.P.K. will release fully paid deliveries at its discretion

The Purchaser has store and mark all to the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. belonging goods conditional.

In principle, the warranty and service commitments of the manufacturer apply. Warranties generally apply for the minimum statutory requirements.

The examination of the static or issuance of a building permit is generally required to be realized by the buyer. The company Alb Solar Sh.P.K. services can be run by a third party, appointed by the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K..

The calculated yield a PV or wind power generator comparable depends on a lot still unknown and in the course of time varying factors, so that a reliable yield forecast is not possible. But in order to estimate the future earnings kilowatt hours approximately, we use special software from Dr. Valentin what the weather records of the German Weather Service, between 1981 and 2000 sets as a basis and give a rough estimate. There is absolutely no guarantee or legal claims for the calculated power or the calculated income calculated by the company Alb solar Sh.PK and/or its cooperation partner.

Performance for payment obligations of the purchaser and for the delivery obligations is the seat of the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K.; Jurisdiction for an order for payment is Tirana. All legal relations between the customer and the company Alb Solar Sh.P.K., only the law of the Republic of Albania is applicable to the exclusion of the Uniform Laws on the connection of international sales contracts for movable property.

For contracts between Alb Solar Sh.P.K. and customers is a contract/offer and not a contract for services.

With signing and sealing the order from the offer will turn automatically into a purchase contract.