What epitomizes our company?

We are a young, dynamic team that believes in the efficiency of renewable energy and the possibility of a self-sufficient energy budget in the future. We are highly motivated and want to introduce fully committed to the production of energy using photovoltaic technology in Albania, establish and conquer as a still young but very promising market.

Our objective:

We want to help you to become more independent of the ever increasing cost of electricity and at the same time to produce environmentally friendly energy yourself.

Our objective is to introduce renewable energy in the Albanian market to establish and realize the enormous market potential as widely as possible. To cover this spectrum as efficiently as possible and implement it professionally, we offer a broad portfolio:

  • Photovoltaic
  • Wind power
  • Energy Storage
  • Solar lights

Who is behind it!

Founder of the company Alb Solar is Gentiana Eder Shllaku. She has decided this in 2012 and has since been a pioneer in the field of renewable energy with the main focus on: photovoltaic, small wind, solar street lamps, and in future memory technologies (battery-storage-systems) as well.

We are happy to work with you to plan your individual energy concept or advise you on specific areas of our business activities.

Our strengths

  • With G-Tec energiekonzept from Sinzing, Bavaria, Germany, we have found a competent and efficient cooperation partner. G-Tec has long experience in the following areas: purchasing, sales, design and installation.
  • Wholesale and Direct Purchasing
    Through our cooperation partners (wholesalers & direct purchaser), we obtain the goods for photovoltaic and wind power plants and battery storage systems. Solar street lamps we purchase directly from the manufacturers in Germany, Austria and China. This allows us to offer you quality products at the best prices and we are always on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Qualified professionals
    Our team in Albania is supported by the team of G-Tec, which includes several electricians, engineers and economists, experienced specialists in the PV industry, experts for office communication, a marketing expert and an IT professional.
  • Broad portfolio
    In collaboration with our partners we provide a wide broad range of skills.
    So you can either go for one of our services or you can create your own individual energy concept out from our multiple services – everything out of one hand.